Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sheikh in Jordan Eid Al-Adha: Refers to Jews as "Brothers of Apes and Pigs," Prays: Oh Allah...".

Sheikh Ahmad Mana'i in Jordan Eid Al-Adha Sermon Refers to Jews as "Brothers of Apes and Pigs," Prays: Oh Allah, Destroy America, Russia, and the "Rabbis" of Tehran

In a sermon marking Eid Al-Adha, delivered at the Al-Maqari Mosque in Irbid, Jordan, Sheikh Ahmad Mana'i talked about "conspiracies" carried out by America, Russia, and Europe, along with the Jews, whom he called "the brothers of pigs and apes," and traitors from among the Arabs.

He prayed to Allah to support the Sunnis in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and to destroy the "criminal Rafidites" and the "plundering Jews," and called upon Him to "destroy America completely" and to "destroy Russia completely as well".

The sermon aired on Yarmouk TV on September 12.

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