Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Palestinian father pushes son at Israeli soldiers, daring them to shoot. Soldier and boy shake hands

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Palestinian father to soldiers: "Shoot this little boy, after all you always do that to small children! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot him! Go, go! (unclear) Shoot him, heroes!"

Palestinian father to son: "Go, go! Don’t be scared! Don’t be scared! (unclear) Raise the flag! Raise, raise!"

Palestinian father: "Let them shoot and kill him! Kill him, shoot him!"

Boy and soldier shake hands

Palestinian father to soldiers: "Shoot him! After all you are always doing things like this. Always shooting small children and killing them. Shoot this one! Should I bring you more?"

Palestinian father: "(Unclear). Let them shoot and kill him!"

Palestinian father to son: "Raise the flag! Don’t be scared!
Throw the rock! Throw! Throw! Throw!"

[Facebook page of Israeli Army Spokesperson and Head of the Foreign Press Branch Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, July 30, 2016]