Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Jamaican Sheikh: The Infidels Put Cancer in Fake "Zamzam" Sacred Water and sell it to Muslims

Jamaican Sheikh Abdullah Al-Faisal: The Infidels Put Cancer in Fake "Zamzam" Sacred Water and Sell It to Muslims

In a video-clip posted on his YouTube account, Jamaican Sheikh Abdullah Al-Faisal accused "infidels" of putting cancer in fake "zamzam" (water drawn from a sacred well in Mecca), which was then bottled and sold to Muslims. "Many many Muslims die from cancer from drinking fake zamzam," said the pro-ISIS Al-Faisal, whose original name was Trevor William Forrest and who spent four years in a U.K. prison for murder and inciting hatred before being deported. "Every infidel is a liar and a hypocrite," he said.

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