Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sheikh Explains Wife Beating in Islam: Three Blows with the Hand on the Back

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Mauritanian Scholar Sheikh Muhammad Ould Dedew Explains Wife Beating in Islam: "Three Blows with the Hand on the Back"

In the seventh chapter of his Ramadhan religious consultation show, Mauritanian scholar Sheikh Muhammad Ould Dedew was asked whether a husband may "discipline" his wife by beating her.

Sheikh Dedew answered in the affirmative and explained how and when a man may beat his wife and children. 

He said that the beating should be a man’s last resort, and he must avoid hitting his wife’s face or beating her in a fit of anger. 

Sheikh Dedew explained that the man should beat his wife three times with his hand on her back, and not use a whip. 

The chapter, dedicated to the subject of marriage, was posted on Sheikh’s Dedew’s YouTube channel on June 24.

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