Sunday, July 17, 2016

Forensic Psychiatrist: Islamist Terrorism & Sexual Repression

Here is a bit about Clarion Project:


There are times that require people to step out of their comfort zone, to step up for justice, tolerance and moderation. We know going in that the repercussions of taking action will draw a rain of accusations and attacks from the forces we are confronting. 
We do it anyway. We do it because it must be done.
Founded in 2006, Clarion Project (formerly Clarion Fund Inc) is an independently funded, non-profit organization dedicated to exposing the dangers of Islamist extremism while providing a platform for the voices of moderation and promoting grassroots activism. 
Clarion’s award-winning movies have been seen by over 50 million people. They grapple with issues such as religious persecution, human rights, women’s rights, the dangers of a nuclear Iran and what the concept of jihad means for the West. Our dynamic website, viewed by 2.6 million unique visitors in 2015, covers breaking news, provides expert analysis on relevant issues and acts as a platform for Muslim human rights activists. 
Clarion Project draws together Middle East experts, scholars, human rights activists and Muslims to promote tolerance and moderation and challenge extremism.

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Forensic Psychiatrist: Islamist Terrorism & Sexual Repression

Thu, July 14, 2016