Wednesday, July 20, 2016

CNN: Iranian exile speaks out on colorless 'white torture'

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October 29, 2008 
By Paula Newton, CNN International Security Correspondent
LONDON, England (CNN) -- The beatings, the broken bones, the squalid conditions -- it was "nothing," former prisoner Amir Fakhravar has told CNN, compared to the pain that he suffered under "white torture" in an Iranian jail..

"We didn't see any color, all of the cell was white, the floor was white, our clothes were white and also the light, 24 hours, was white. Our food, also, was white rice," explains Fakhravar, now 25. "We couldn't see any color and we couldn't hear any voices."
Amnesty International first documented Fakhravar's case in 2004, saying such conditions of extreme sensory deprivation appear to be designed to weaken political prisoners.
It says that he was held at a 'covert' detention center used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.
The organization added that he had to slip a white piece of paper under the door if he wanted to use the toilet. Even the guards wore padded shoes to muffle any sound. The organization describes the silence as "deafening" and "inhumane."
"I was there for eight months and after those months I couldn't remember my father and my mother's face," says Fakhravar. "When they released me from that prison I was not a normal person.