Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Christine Williams, Jihad Watch: Islamic State and al-Qaeda jihadists both threaten Brazil Olympics

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Islamic State and al-Qaeda jihadists both threaten Brazil Olympics

Recall the arrest of 10 Brazilian jihadists connected to the Islamic State who were planning terrorist acts at the Olympic games, and also a tweet sent by the Islamic State that warned, “Brazil, you are our next target.”
Now, in addition to threats from the Islamic State, Brazil has to deal with a group of al-Qaeda jihadists who have issued calls for “lone wolf” attacks against the US, French, British and Israeli Olympic delegations, and went so far as to publish a list of athletes to be targeted on social media.
The post also called for the kidnapping of Israelis to serve as bargaining chips to free Muslim prisoners, and stated:
“Your chance to take part in the global Jihad is here! Your chance to be a martyr is here!” the jihadis said, citing the easy process of obtaining visas for travel to Brazil as well as the wide availability of guns in “crime-ridden slums.”
Although Brazil has regarded itself as an unlikely target of jihadists,  counter-terrorism specialist Luiz Alberto Sallaberry said that the threat had increased in recent months due to a rise in what he described as “the number of Brazilian nationals suspected of sympathizing with ISIS militants”.