Wednesday, June 29, 2016


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Koran-At-A-Glance is designed to highlight four main themes in the Koran and 
to show their changing prevalence over the course of the book. 
For this purpose the suras are colour coded and presented below as thumbnails 
in chronological rather than the traditional order (for a full explanation please see the About page). 
Click on any sura number to see the sura displayed.

Theme 1ALLAH - Allah is all powerful, all knowing and all seeing.
Theme 2. BELIEVERS - Allah is good to believers in this life, then they go to paradise.
Theme 3. UNBELIEVERS - Unbelievers are bad, guilty and dangerous to the believers. They,  ................and those who disobey Allah, are punished in this life then they go to hell.
Theme 4. JIHAD - It is the duty of believers to spread Islam by jihad (fighting/striving in 
 ............. ...Allah's way). 

(NB Abrogated verses are also marked. Just hover over the reference for the abrogating verse)