Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bill Warner, PhD: The Life of Mohammed: The Sira (pt 6)

To read a bit about Dr. Bill Warner, foremost authority on Islam and a profound original thinker in my humble opinion, kindly click on this link:


To read a bit about his work and get a general idea of what it is about, kindly click on this link:


To read an interview with Dr. Warner about his work by Dr. Jamie Glazov in the leading American publication Frontpage Magazine, kindly click on the link below:


To read a bit about and possibly consider acquiring and reading the books of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, or just visit their website for the first time, kindly click on this link:


To read an easy-to-understand but serious, authoritative and very informative book by Dr. Warner, Sharia Law for the non-Muslim (as a free pdf-file through the kind courtesy of the Q Society of Australia), kindly click on the link below:


Here follows the sixth installment (about 30 minutes) of Dr. Warner`s course on The Life of Mohammed: The Sira (pt 6)at the Political Islam site, with the original URL:


Michael DelGiorno hosts Dr Bill Warner on Super Talk 99.7 WTN.
WTN University Masters in Divinities Podcast course on The Life of Mohammed, the Sira.
Understanding Mohammed and his life is the key to understanding Islam.
This episode is part 6 of 9.