Sunday, May 08, 2016

Times of India: Bohra cleric urges female genital mutilation?

Foremost and learned expert on Islam, Robert Spencer comments:

FGM is sanctioned by Islamic law: “Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh ‘female circumcision’]).” — ‘Umdat al-Salik e4.3, translated by Mark Durie, The Third Choice, p. 64

To read a bit about Umdat al-Salik, or "Reliance of the Traveller" in the English translation, at the Wikipedia site, kindly click on this link:

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Bohra cleric urges female genital mutilation?

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Efforts may be on to end the practice of female genital mutilation that young girls in the Dawoodi Bohra community are made to undergo in India but their spiritual leader may not be convinced yet as he went on to publicly encourage the act ofkhatna (female circumcision) albeit indirectly, in his recent sermon at the Saifee Mosque in Bhendi Bazaar.


A 36-year-old Bohra woman who has lived through the horrors of khatna and currently settled in the US expressed her anguish having heard the clip. "Just a month ago many of us in the US received a letter from the jamaat (local community unit) that works under the Syedna's guidelines. It said that we must follow the law of the land and not practice khatna. I was thrilled, at peace with my faith. What I just heard reflects hypocrisy. I'm disillusioned and worried."