Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Nato Leaders Urged To Boost Collective Defence To Dissuade Russia

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30 May 2016 - NATO leaders urged to boost collective defense to dissuade Russia

Tirana, May 30, 2016 – Lawmakers called Monday on NATO leaders to boost the Alliance’s collective defences to confront an increasingly assertive Russia and ensure that any aggression is met with a rapid response and reassure those allies that feel under threat.

In a declaration at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s Spring Session, co-presented by Nicole Ameline (France) and Ojars Eriks Kalnins (Latvia) the lawmakers urged the leaders to develop a comprehensive strategy at their summit in Warsaw in July to boost stability in the broader neighbourhood with partners like the United Nations, European Union and regional actors.

Defence budgets too need to be boosted, the parliamentarians agreed at the session in Tirana, Albania, with only five of the 28 member states currently meeting the target spending of two percent of Gross Domestic Product.
“We need a strategy to ensure that Russia’s renewed aggressiveness comes at a price and that further aggression is deterred. In Warsaw, we must reaffirm that deterrence – conventional and nuclear – and collective defence remains NATO’s first and essential mission,” said NATO PA chairman US Congressman Michael Turner.

The declaration, adopted unanimously, urges heads of state and government to assert that a threat to any ally will be met with the Alliance’s combined might, reassuring those on NATO’s eastern and southern flanks. Partnerships with Sweden and Finland should be strengthened to boost security in the Baltic Sea region, where the Russian military has been increasingly active.