Sunday, August 20, 2017

Answering-Islam Sverige: Aisha

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Från inledningen:
Aisha var en av Muhammeds många fruar, men i högsta grad unik. Han gifte sig med henne när hon var 6 år gammal, utnyttjade henne sexuellt och hade samlag med henne när hon var 9 år gammal. Här följer bevis för detta från autentisk islamistisk litteratur   

Här kommer också lite om kristna sajten Answering-Islam (på engelska):

Who is (behind) "Answering Islam" ?

Many people send us emails asking who we are, what are our qualifications to speak on Islam, what is our statement of faith, etc.


If you are one who seeks answers to these questions, we would like to ask you: What would you need these answers for? Why is the (usually acknowledged) quality of our material not enough for you?


The same holds for the question of academic qualifications. Some of our authors are teaching Theology, Religious Studies or even Islamic Studies at Universities. But there are too many professors of Islamic Studies who spread false information about Islam, while some self-taught laymen have a much deeper understanding. Evaluate the quality of our writings for yourself, and do not fall into the fallacy of appeal to authority.