Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Uzay Bulut, Gatestone Institute: Turkey Builds Mega-Mosque in U.S., Blocks Churches in Turkey

Here is a bit about Turkish journalist Uzay Bulut:

Uzay Bulut is a Turkish journalist based in Ankara. She holds a master's degree in media and cultural studies at Ankara's Middle East Technical University. Bulut's journalistic work focuses mainly on the Kurdish issue, anti-Semitism, and Turkey's ethnic and religious minorities.

To read the entire article by Turkish journalist Uzay Bulut at the Gatestone Institute website, kindly click on this link:

Turkey Builds Mega-Mosque in U.S., Blocks Churches in Turkey

Uzay Bulut, born and raised a Muslim, is a Turkish journalist presently based in Washington D.C.
  • As yet another enormous mosque has opened in the U.S. (funded by the Turkish government), Christians in Turkey are waiting for the day when Turkish state authorities will allow them freely to build or use their churches and safely pray inside them.
  • In Turkey, some churches have been converted to stables or used as storehouses. Others have been completely destroyed. Sales of churches on the internet are a common practice.
  • Meanwhile, Turkish President Erdogan said during the opening ceremony of the Maryland mosque that the center was important at a time of an "unfortunate rise in intolerance towards Muslims in the United States and the world."
  • How would Muslims feel if mosques in Mecca were put up for sale on the internet, turned into stables, or razed to the ground? How would they feel if a Muslim child were beaten in the classroom by his teacher for not saying "Jesus is my Lord and Savior?" How would they feel if they continually received violent threats or insults for just attempting peacefully to worship in their mosques?