Sunday, April 24, 2016

Uzay Bulut, Gatestone Institute: Sexual Slavery: "Nothing to do with Islam"?

Here is a bit about Turkish journalist Uzay Bulut:

Uzay Bulut is a Turkish journalist based in Ankara. She holds a master's degree in media and cultural studies at Ankara's Middle East Technical University. Bulut's journalistic work focuses mainly on the Kurdish issue, anti-Semitism, and Turkey's ethnic and religious minorities.

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Sexual Slavery: "Nothing to do with Islam"?

Translations of this item:

From the article:

The sexual abuse of non-Muslim children and women at the hands of Jihadist groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram is not only a widespread practice in the Muslim world, but, sadly, has a lot to do with Islamic teachings.

Sexual slavery is deeply embedded in Islamic law and tradition. The founder of Islam also practiced and approved of slavery, as was more common at the time. Caliphs had harems of hundreds or thousands of young girls and women brought from Christian, Hindu, Persian and African lands.

Islamic slavery also was, and is, race-based. Umar, Muhammad's father-in-law and a caliph, declared that Arabs could not be taken as slaves; he even emancipated all Arab slaves. In Islam, only non-Muslims may be taken as slaves -- a rule that is unfortunately only further evidence of a supremacist doctrine within Islam: that Islam is superior to other religions, and its adherents therefore entitled to privileges not afforded to members of other religions.

This supremacist doctrine of Islam has brought non-Muslims centuries of persecution and institutionalized discrimination. Some have been exposed to brute force and had to convert from their native religion; others have been given the status of "dhimmis": third-class, "tolerated" citizens who have to pay a tax (the jizya) in exchange for "protection," never allowed the same religious rights or freedoms as Muslims. If they cannot pay the tax, they are to be killed or have their children taken from them.

All those practices indicate what Islamic rule brings for non-Muslims: death or a state-approved position of inferiority and humiliation.[1] One of the most appalling practices of the Islamic supremacist mindset was the institution of Janissaries established by the Ottoman Empire. For hundreds of years, Ottoman Turks took away the sons of Christians in occupied Europe and forcibly converted them into Muslim warriors (Janissaries).

There are about dozens of verses in the Quran and the Hadith referring to Allah's hatred for non-Muslims and the eternal damnation and punishment awaiting them in the afterlife.[2] Once Islam establishes political superiority, there is very little tolerance for people of other faiths or atheists.
As early Muslim armies used their swords to invade and Islamize non-Muslim lands, they enslaved non-Muslims, and even other black Muslims. Islamic scriptures approve of the rape of female prisoners who have very few civil or legal rights under Islamic law.

During 1,400 years of jihad and even today, the Muslim world is mostly apathetic and silent about sexual aggression. Many Muslims even try to justify it under Islamic rule. So now this practice is common not only in the Middle East, but also in Europe, including Britain.

Women are finally refusing to accept this situation. Toni Bugle, for example, a women's rights activist, has established an organization called M.A.R.I.A.S (Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia), which tries to raise awareness about, and act against, sexual abuse, female genital mutilation, child grooming gangs, child marriage, domestic violence, forced marriages and honor killings.


A few months ago, a report found that between 1997 and 2013, at least 1,400 non-Muslim British children were gang-raped and brutalized by Muslims in Rotherham. Children as young as 11 were often gang-raped, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated, according to the report. Authorities did nothing "for fear of being thought as racist."


Bugle remarked that not only does this political and religious ideology encourage Muslim men to rape non-Muslim children and women, but that Britain's submission to Sharia-inspired brutality seems to have several causes:
"Muslims believe they are at war with the West; and when in a state of war (jihad), they have the right to 'war booty:' that which the right hand possesses, sex slaves. They are also taught that white non-Muslims are easy, cheap, dirty sluts and that it is their right [to take them]. On top of this, teaching people to hate anyone who is not a Muslim – as is done in many mosques – will, of course, lead to a lot of people hating anyone who is not a Muslim. So the way many Muslims perceive Western women fuels the increase in rape incidents. The problem, however, is also due to police, judges, lawyers, teachers, to name but a few, fearing the words 'racist' and 'Islamophobe' -- and nothing is being done to stop that."
The map on the organization's website shows the areas hit by Muslim grooming gangs in Rotherham, Rochdale, Telsley, Stevenage, Peterborough, Birmingham, Oxford, and Bradford. "This," says Bugle, "barely scratches the surface.[3]

"The UK media refuse to use the term Muslim," Bugle adds. "But in London alone 27% of the inmates are Muslim, serving time for rape, drugs and violence. That is a massive percentage considering that Muslims are apparently only 4% of the overall population."
"When girls are raped, they are referred to by the rapists as 'white trash,' 'white whores' and 'white kuffir.' It is said to the girls quite openly. And the girls tell the police. Yet the assaults are never recognized as 'racially motivated'." 
"I get death threats, rape threats, and sodomy threats - but never from non-Muslims. Muslims follow me on Twitter and Facebook and have immediately sent messages, calling me 'white bitch' and 'white whore,' and threaten me with sexual assaults."

Bugle says her organization aims eventually to give a voice to every woman abused by sharia law, and a place to girls who are targeted -- first for being non-Muslim, and second for being white -- a place to come to. There, they will be able to talk with people who will believe them and will not blame them.[4]