Friday, May 20, 2016

Wolfgang Bruno: The Stages of Jihad

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The Stages of Jihad
By Wolfgang Bruno
Danish translation: Stadier af jihad
Source: Wolfgang Bruno, March 13, 2005
Published on July 2, 2012
When Dutch Islam critic Theo van Gogh was murdered, comments were made that “jihad had arrived” in the Netherlands. Physical fighting is indeed the primary meaning of the concept jihad, and should be undertaken if one is able. Jihad as Holy War is the geographical expansion of Islamic rule by force of arms. It does not always mean killing those who are conquered, but it does mean the acknowledgment of Islam's supremacy. However, if that is not yet possible then jihad should be with one's tongue, by speaking out. Simply put, jihad is anything undertaken to advance the spread of Islam, peaceful or not. Which means that jihad is always present, even if there should be an absence of violence. Da’wah, missionary work and calling to Islam, is also part of jihad, and is utilized until such a time that physical jihad is made possible through greater numbers. Until then, it is important to make sure that non-Muslims are not fully aware of the real Islamic agenda. This is where deception comes in.