Friday, January 13, 2017

Understanding Halal Certification Schemes - Q Society of Australia (about half an hour)

Q Society of Australia Inc is a not-for-profit civil rights organisation run by a dedicated group of volunteers. Our supporters come from different ethnicities and creeds - all bound by a common goal - to inform Australians about Islam.

As a nation that values freedom of expression, most of us have been brought up to respect all religions. But what if a religion considers our laws as deficient and advocates the violation of basic human rights?
And what if these rights are being violated right here in Australia?

Q Society provides a platform for these issues to be critically debated. Forums featuring world-renowned scholars, regular meetings and online resources are just some of the ways we inspire and educate.
Taking action is an important part of Q. From informing and lobbying politicians to running campaigns and organising events - we promote critical debate and positive change using democratic methods.

To learn more about Q Society, please explore our website.

Support Call: Mohamed El-Mouelhy vs Q Society, Kirralie Smith et al

Help Q Society defend freedom of expression in Australia by donating towards the legal cost of our defence against claims of defamation by Mohamed El-Mouelhy, the director of the private company ‘Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd’ in the NSW Supreme Court.

It is vital that those who speak the truth about Islamic halal certification and other Islamic impositions are not silenced by time-consuming and expensive court action.