Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars: Female Genital Mutilation

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Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars: Female Genital Mutilation


Abu al- Malih ibn `Usama's father relates that the Prophet said: "Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women."

Ahmad Ibn Hanbal 5:75; Abu Dawud, Adab 167.


e4.3 Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the clitoris (this is called Hufaad)

Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law
Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri



Somalia is a deeply traditional place, where 98 percent of girls are subject to genital cutting, according to United Nations figures.