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Muslim Statistics: Honor Violence

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Honor-related crime victims are sexually abused more often than previously thought. That is one of the most remarkable conclusions of a study Nethe social services organization Fier Fryslân.
Of the 89 women who turned to Fier Fryslân between January 2008 and March 2010, 45 were sexually abused by family members, sometimes by several people.
. . .
Of the 45 sexually abused girls, 52% were abused by a cousin, 22% by a brother and 20% by an uncle. 8% were abused by their father, 2% by a stepfather, and 2% by an acquaintance.[17]
October 2010

Palestinian Authority Area

More than two-thirds of all murders in Gaza Strip and West Bank are honor killings.[13]
January 2006
In the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, it is believed that three-four women are killed every month in the name of saving honour. The Palestinian Authority follows the Jordanian law, which gives men reduced punishment for killing wives or female relatives if they have brought dishonour to the family.[16]
July 2010


A study titled "Honor Killings in the Media and Their Impact on Students and Parents" conducted by the Ministry of Education has revealed that parents believe the media play a role in increasing the number of honor killings. The study was conducted in the provinces where the most honor killings in the country were taking place
. . .
13 percent of the parents and 9.9 percent of students had witnessed an honor killing
. . .
the study also showed that 26.2 percent of the parents and 25.9 percent of the students said they support such killings[26]
March 2009

United Kingdom

The number of women from Britain's ethnic communities stepping forward to report honour- related violence has more than doubled in three years, new figures have revealed.
Figures from the Metropolitan Police show that in the 12 months to April 2011 there were 443 incidents reported as cases of honour violence or forced marriage in London alone, more than double that in 2007-08.
A separate recent survey of all police forces, using Freedom of Information Act, revealed that there were nearly 3,600 reported cases nationwide in 2010, The Telegraph reports.
Police figures have also revealed that a significant proportion of victims drop their cases after initially coming forward.
Campaigners warn that recorded cases may be just the "tip of the iceberg" with thousands of incidents going unreported each year because of fear of reprisal, family pressure or inconsistent police recording.[30]
December 2011
A large number of young British Asians support violence against women who 'dishonour' their families, a Panorama investigation will claim today.
The hard-hitting BBC documentary reveals more than two thirds of Asians between the ages of 16 and 34 say communities should live according to 'honour' or 'izzat'.
Research carried out for the show found nearly one in five – 18 per cent – said certain acts thought to shame families were justification for violence.
. . .
Honour attacks are punishments usually carried out against Muslim women who have been accused of bringing shame on their family[31]
March 2012