Thursday, April 21, 2016

Citizen Warrior: Talk To Your Friends About Mohammad

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Talk To Your Friends About Mohammad

Citizen Warrior


When you're talking to your friends about orthodox Islam, for the most part, they probably won't want to hear it. The topic is scary, political, and they'll think you're bashing an "ethnic group." But if you can make your conversation interesting and surprising, that can often help them overcome their reluctance to listen. (If you're not talking to your friends about it, please read this: What Possible Good Does It Do?)

The best way I've found to make introductory information interesting and surprising is to talk about Mohammad.

Most people think the founder of any religion must necessarily have been a peaceful, spiritual, loving person who tried to do good in the world, healed the sick, taught peace, etc. Since Mohammad was the founder of Islam, they assume he must be like that too.