Saturday, August 06, 2016

Citizen Warrior: How to Resist Islamic Encroachment and Still Be Happy

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How to Resist Islamic Encroachment and Still Be Happy

by Citizen Warrior


In a scene from the movie, Armageddon, a young couple is on a picnic, just being with each other and feeling in love, but with a tinge of sadness. He has to leave the next day, and there's a chance he won't survive the mission. It's getting dark. This may be their last moments alone together. And if the mission doesn't succeed, the entire human species will be extinguished.

She said, "Do you think there are others in the world doing just what we're doing right now?"

He said, "I hope so; otherwise, what are we trying to save?"

In the counterjihad movement, we know what we're trying to save, don't we? We're trying to save the Western world, freedom and democracy. Why? Because Western-style democracy is the best system ever invented to allow people to pursue happiness. It is worth protecting. It's worth defending. But do we have to be miserable to do it?