Friday, July 15, 2016

IceViking: The following constitutes a compilation of posts about polls of Muslims on this blog

Pew Research Center: Muslim Beliefs About Sharia - 2013

Muslim Opinion Polls: A Tiny Minority of Extremists? - TROP Muslim Opinion Polls

Sharia and Violence are Acceptable

Apostasy and the Islamic Nations

UK What British Muslims Really Think

ISIS Has Up To 42 Million Supporters in the Arab World

7/7 bombings 'justified' say a quarter of British Muslims

Poll: 58% of British Muslims want people who criticise Islam to be prosecuted and only 69 percent believes it`s right to inform on terrorists

UK poll: 37% of Muslims in Britain think British Jews are a "legitimate target"

More than a quarter of 18- to 24-year-old British muslims said they agreed with the views of jailed hate preacher Abu Hamza

Poll reveals 40 percent of British Muslims want sharia law in predominantly Muslim areas of Britain

British Poll: Third of Muslim Students Supported the Creation of a World-wide Caliphate or Islamic State

British Opinion Surveys From an Islamist Hell

Polls show support for London terrorists among British Muslims

Poll shows Muslims in Britain are the most anti-western in Europe

Survey: 61 percent of British Muslims want Sharia courts

Another poll of British Muslims

British Muslims, poll

More statistics concerning British Muslims

Some more statistics regarding British Muslims

British poll: many British Muslims put Islam first

British Muslims, more statistics

Study on “Muslims in Germany”: 94 percent is against integration, 24 percent of young Muslims inclined to violence, 51 percent think Islam will prevail on Earth

Survey: Most European Muslims want Sharia

Poll of Muslim as well as non-Muslim Swedes regarding anti-Semitism

Denmark: 77 percent of Muslims think that the Quran’s instructions must be “applied fully”

Poll of Danish Muslims

55 percent of Danish Muslims want to forbid criticism of religion

Poll of Norwegian Muslims

Irish poll: 36% would prefer Ireland to be ruled under Sharia law

Poll: 80% of French Muslims, 82% of British Muslims and 71% of German Muslims remain faithful to their countries of origin

Quote from "Where next?" by Zachary Shore in the Internationl Herald Tribune

Study: Half of Belgian Muslim teens have anti-Semitic views

Poll of Muslim youths in Antwerpen

Poll of Dutch-Morrocan Youth

Survey of newly naturalized American citizens and Muslims

More than third of U.S. Muslims see war on Islam according to poll ´

Pew Research Center poll of Muslims in America

Survey: 81% of Detroit Muslims want Sharia in Muslim Countries

23/10/2005: Secretly taken poll reveals 45 percent of Iraqis support attacks on British and American troops

Quote regarding polling of Iraqis

Opinion polls - Indonesia and Iraq

Lebanese poll from July 2006: 87 percent of Lebanese support Hezbollah

Poll of Indonesian Muslims

Poll of Indonesians

Poll: Jordan top anti-Jew nation; Russia most pro-Christian

Quotes from Friend Or Foe? Zogby International February 28, 2006

2004 Survey: Nearly two thirds of people in Pakistan hold favourable views of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden

Poll regarding support for Sharia in Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon

Poll of Egyptians and Saudis

Poll Shows Muslim Support for Violence

Al Jazeera Arabic Poll: 49.9% Support Osama Bin Laden

Poll of Saudis

Poll of Muslims in Nigeria and other places

New Pew survey