Sunday, September 17, 2017

Was the Islamic Prophet Mohammed a Terrorist?

Here I would kindly suggest you might read the two items below for an interesting, logical and lucid perspective on this query.

The first is from the Christian site Answering-Islam.

"Some of our authors are teaching Theology, Religious Studies or even Islamic Studies at Universities. But there are too many professors of Islamic Studies who spread false information about Islam, while some self-taught laymen have a much deeper understanding. Evaluate the quality of our writings for yourself, and do not fall into the fallacy of appeal to authority." 

A direct quote from the Who is behind "Answering Islam" ? page at the site.

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Here is the first item:
Was Muhammad a terrorist?
by Silas

From the article:
It is important to know if Muhammad was a terrorist or not. Muhammad is Islam. Muhammad is a root of Islam. The actions of his life bear critically upon the faith of Islam and his followers because the Quran instructs them to imitate Muhammad’s life. If Muhammad was not a terrorist then there has been "much ado about nothing". But if he was a terrorist then Islam has a terrorist component and paradigm.
The second article is from Iranian-American ex-Muslim author, debater and thinker Dr. Ali Sina`s Challenge ("Sina`s Challenge") regarding the Islamic prophet Mohammed. Kindly click on the link below to read the whole thing:
Muhammad: A Terrorist
by Ali Sina

From the article:
Islamic terrorism has its origin in the sayings and examples set by Muhammad.  
In the last ten years of his life, after Muhammad migrated to Medina , he launched no less than 78 raids called qazwa (raid, ambush, sudden attack). Some of these qazwas involved the assassination of one opponent by one or a group of volunteers, and others were carried out by hundreds or thousands of warriors. Nonetheless a common characteristic of all Muhammad’s incursions was that they were done without notice. The enemy was caught off guard without being given the chance to prepare himself or be armed.  As such all Muhammad’s victims were civilians.