Thursday, June 09, 2016

Q Society on "Civilisational" Jihad and the Process, Methods and Tactics of the Islamisation of Australia

The Islam-critical organisation Q Society of Australia Inc. provides these two informative and readable papers on their website (as free pdf-files):

Q on: The Islamisation of Australia. Process, Methods & Tactics.

From the paper:
The process outlined below can be likened to the “boiled frog syndrome”, wherein a frog is put into cold water and as the temperature rises very slowly, the frog doesn't notice until it is too late and the frog is boiled.

Q on: Understanding ‘Stealth’ or ‘Civilisational’ Jihad

From the paper:
Islamic text and history refer mostly to a violent jihad. However, jihad can be achieved through one's "heart, hand, tongue, money or sword".