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Islamic Teaching: Non-Muslims Equal to Dogs

Islamic Teaching: Non-Muslims Equal to Dogs

by  on August 29, 2013

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Jihad and Immigration

An item from 2009:

Western Immigration and Global Jihad
by Bill Muehlenberg

For example, Sam Solomon and Elias Al Maqdisi make this case in Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration. Both authors are experts on Islamic thought, but Solomon is especially crucial here, since he used to be a professor of sharia law, but has since converted to Christianity. 
The pair examine how a small presence of Muslims in a Western nation eventually builds to a critical mass, with the eventual aim of implementing sharia law, and taking over the host culture. Even seemingly benign measures, such as the building of mosques, can be used for these greater purposes. 
Indeed, an earlier volume by the same two authors argued how important the mosque in Western nations is to this overall process. In The Mosque Exposed, they highlight how the Islamists use the mosque to teach, foment and recruit for violent jihad. 
In their newer book they document how Western immigration policies are being exploited by these radicals, and how they use such things as taquiya, or deception, to achieve these aims. They seek to hide behind religious devotion and practice as they attempt to wrest control of lands belonging to the kuffar (non-Muslim).
The slow but steady process of Islamisation of Western lands is taking place in many areas, with any attempts to impede this progress met with shouts of discrimination and Islamophobia. And the West is so concerned about not treading on anyone’s toes, that the radicals are making great gains in realising their goals. 
Other new books also describe this process. For example, Christopher Caldwell’s new book, Reflections on the Revolution In Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West, examines how changing demographic patterns in the West, especially Europe, are part and parcel of this greater strategy of Islamic hegemony.
To raise these issues is of course not to accuse all Muslims of treachery, jihad and anti-Western crusades.

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Islamic Forced Conversions — Past and Present

A piece from last year by Middle East and Islam specialist Raymond Ibrahim:

Islamic Forced Conversions — Past and Present 

by  on May 16, 2013 

The lost history of Christians forced to convert to Islam—or die—is reemerging, figuratively and literally. According to the BBC: “Pope Francis has proclaimed the first saints of his pontificate in a ceremony [last Sunday] at the Vatican—a list which includes 800 victims of an atrocity carried out by Ottoman soldiers in 1480.They were beheaded in the southern Italian town of Otranto after refusing to convert to Islam. 
The BBC adds in a sidebar: “The ‘Martyrs of Otranto’ were 813 Italians beheaded for defying demands by Turkish invaders to renounce Christianity.  The Turks had been sent by Mohammed II, who had already captured the ‘second Rome’ of Constantinople.”  
Historical texts throughout the centuries are filled with similar anecdotes, including the “60 Martyrs of Gaza,” Christian soldiers who were executed for refusing Islam during the 7th century Islamic invasion of Jerusalem.
If history is shocking, the fact is, today, Christians—men, women, and children—are still being forced to convert to Islam.
In Bangladesh some 300 Christian children were abducted in 2012 and sold to Islamic schools, where “imams force them to abjure Christianity.”  The children are then instructed in Islam and beaten. After full indoctrination they are asked if they are “ready to give their lives for Islam,” presumably by becoming jihadi suicide-bombers.  (Even here the historic patterns are undeniable: for centuries, Christian children were forcibly taken, converted to and indoctrinated in Islam, trained to be jihadis extraordinaire, and then unleashed on their former Christian families.  Such were the Janissaries and Mamelukes.)
Just as happened throughout history, Muslims today regularly “invite” Christians to Islam, often presenting it as the only cure to their sufferings—sufferings caused by Muslims in the first place.
 In Sudan, Muslims kidnapped a 15-year-old Christian girl; they raped, beat and ordered her to convert to Islam. When her mother went to police to open a case, the Muslim officer of the so-called “Family and Child Protection Unit,” told her: “You must convert to Islam if you want your daughter back.”
As my new book Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians documents, wherever there are large numbers of Muslims—whether in the Arab World, Africa, Asia, or even in the West—Christians are being persecuted.  Forced conversions are the tip of the iceberg, and certainly not anomalies of history.  

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The Elevated Mortality of Men

An item from 2010 in MensNewsDaily:

The Elevated Mortality of Men
by Pelle Billing, M.D.
Saturday, April 3, 2010

We all know that men live shorter lives than women, but we don’t really know why, since there’s no definitive research available that explains the shorter lifespan of men. However, there are lots of pertinent facts available that go a long way towards explaining the gender gap in life expectancy:

•Men are usually the primary providers for the family, and the burden of providing can easily become a form of chronic stress.

•Dangerous jobs are performed by men, and as a result, a number of men die each year.

•Suicides are far more common among men than among women.

•Men make up the bulk of the homeless, and this kind of lifestyle often leads to a premature death.

•It’s more common for men to be socially isolated and not have a single close friend, which can have a negative effect on your health.
•Men aren’t taught to seek help for psychological and psychiatric issues, which leads to increased levels of alcoholism and premature deaths.

•Men are violently killed more often than women.

•It’s not unusual for men to be removed from their children as well as lose touch with friends of the family after a divorce, which can lead to isolation, alcoholism, etc.

•Due to historical factors men are only valued for their performance, which again can lead to chronic stress.
As you can see, trying to explain the premature deaths of men becomes a virtual summary of the most pressing contemporary men’s issues.

In addition to these social, phychological and structural explanations, there may of course be biological factors that explain why men have shorter life spans. However, there is emerging evidence that innate biological factors are not the main culprit here.

Hopefully, the new subject Male Studies can help shed more light on this topic in the future. Make sure you sign up for the April 7 webcast, where this new academic discipline will start to take shape.

Pelle Billing is an M.D. who writes and lectures about men’s issues and gender liberation beyond feminism.

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Survey: Most European Muslims want Sharia

From "Dispatch International":

Most European Muslims want sharia

Posted by: Ingrid Carlqvist 17 December, 2013

Review: Al-Yahud: Eternal Islamic Enmity & the Jews

From the New English Review this review from 2010:

Implacable Muslim Hatred of Jews

by Jerry Gordon (May 2010)
Al-Yahud: Eternal Islamic Enmity & the Jews
By Elias Al-Maqdisi & Sam Solomon
ANM Publishers
PO. BOX 5303
Charlottesville, Virginia 22905
ISBN 9-780971 534636

Bat Ye’or, author of The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians under IslamIslam and Dhimmitude: where Civilizations Collide, and Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis said this about Al-Yahud
This most important book examines in depth and with a mastery of basic documents, the crucial issues of our time. What are the sources of the enmity that drive and justify jihad in all its forms? Will Judaism and Christianity survive when global Islam supported by the universal Caliphate’s jihad against Israel enforces its 7th Century claim to be the origin of these two faiths? This is the real meaning of Jihad against Israel.
Sam Solomon and the late Elias Al-Maqdisi have produced in Al-Yahud an indictment of the implacable Islamic hatred towards Jews and Christians. The authors present the exegesis of primal hatred at the core of the Quranic Canon, but they do something more. They make the connection between the doctrinal hatred of Jews and denial of ancient Biblical claims to the Holy Land of Jews and Christians. They use this Islamic doctrinal hatred of Jews to illustrate why a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians will never occur. The author’s message is that such agreements pursued by an Obama Administration and members of the so-called Quartet are a folly. For they have failed to understand this hate-filled doctrine.  
Al-Yahud is the latest in a series of works by the authors that include The Mosques ExposedThe Common Word: The Undermining of the Church,  and Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration.

Click here to read the whole thing.


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