Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Re-Post: "Islam Question & Answer: Should he go back and live in a kaafir country?"


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"I have been advised by several muslims who are knowledgable in islam against living in a kaffir country (America). I am an American/Arab who has lived in America all my life but for a few months now was living in arabic country , however things are getting hard for me to continue living here (lack of income, housing etc) and am considering going back to America, also another strong reason is that the Health care system is better and free for my wife who is ill. Please give me as much a detailed answer from the hadith and quran as you can as I don't know for sure if I should strive to continue living here or go back to America regarding Islam."


"There are two basic conditions which must be met before staying in kaafir countries:

The first condition is: that the person must be secure in his religious commitment, so that he has enough knowledge, faith and will power to ensure that he will adhere firmly to his religion and beware of deviating or going astray, and that he has an attitude of enmity and hatred of the kaafirs and will not befriend them and love them, for befriending them and loving them are things that contradicts faith."
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