Saturday, March 05, 2016

Russia becoming a Muslim state?

Russia becoming a Muslim state!
- Asian Tribune -

By Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Quotes from this item:

"Imagine Russia in 2050! According to Paul Goble, a specialist on ethnic minorities in the Russian Federation has predicted that within the next several decades, Russia will become a Muslim majority state. There is another bad news with fast decline in country’s population."

"...because demographers predict that Russia’s population will fall from 143 million to 100 million by 2050."

"...analysts estimate that Muslims will comprise the majority group in Russia’s population in few decades.

The Muslim population growth rate since 1989 is between 40 and 50 percent, depending on ethnic groups. Today Russia has about 8,000 mosques while 15 years there were only 300 mosques. According to statistics, by the end of 2015, number of mosques in Russia will cross 25,000."

"Main reason behind fast decline in non-Muslim population in Russia is, particularly larger section of young females in the country is not in favor of having even any child. If someone has, that is also limited within one only. On the other hand, almost all the Muslim couples have at least three children. The number generally ranges between 3-5.

Talking to Blitz, a leader of Moscow’s most populated area said, if the growth of Muslim population continues in the present trend, with the serious decline in population of other religious communities, Russian might ultimately end up as a Muslim state in next two decades."

"He said, not only the number of Muslim population in Russia is on fast growth because the Muslim women have more than one child, but in recent years, a large number of Islamist NGOs are actively working in the country, which are playing desperate role in having very large number of newly converts in Islam from other religion. He further said, especially the atheist groups are gradually getting inclined towards Islam because of extensive propaganda and activities of the Islamist NGOs.

Highly educated scholars are engaged in giving sermons in mosques and other public places on a regular basis, which is putting tremendous impact on the minds of the people, especially the younger generation. These Islamic clerics are even with suits and clean shaven face. They speak different languages fluently, which is a very strong point for them to attract the attention of already educated Russian people, who are in serious economic and social distress."

"Although the Islamist clerics and missions have their hidden and open missions in mind, from their faces and sermons, it is really difficult to identify anything. They initially spread the message of peace, and end up with the poison of religious hatred and jihad. These groups are even gradually capturing Russian media, through investments via Western countries, which are actually Arab money. They are even spending money in giving voice and strength to Muslim leadership, with the ultimate goal of taking over the power of Kremlin.

Comparing the new converted Russian Muslims with Muslims in other countries, he said, they are more fanatics and their beliefs are deep rooted in their minds and thoughts. They openly pronounce that, the main reason behind accepting Islam was as salvage. Poison of hatred has greatly influenced their minds."

A senior journalist with Russian Interfax news agency told Blitz Afro-Arab sources are putting millions of dollars behind Islamist NGOs in Russia."

"He said, in Russian press clubs, number of Muslim journalists is increasing steadily. He said, millions of dollars are spent for building mosques and Islamist institutions in different parts of Moscow and other parts in Russia. The Islamist NGOs even operate orphanages, where children from various religions are adopted and later converted to Islam."

From Western Resistence:

June 14, 2006
Russia: Have Figures for the Muslim Population Been Inflated?


"Over the past several years, Muslim leaders in Russia have claimed that Muslims are a sizable minority in the country, with estimates varying from 10% to as high as 20% of the population. In number-terms that is between 15 million and 30 million people."

"Let's look closer at the data. According to a survey in 2002 by the polling agency, VTsIOM, 58% of Russia's (then) apprxomiate 147 million populaton said they were Christian Orthodox, and only 5 percent claimed to be Muslim."

"According to the 2002 Russian census (as reported on Wikipedia), we see the following populations of so-called `Muslim' nations (below), and they all add up to just over 13.3 million, which is 11 percent of the population."

"Tajiks 120,136 (0.08%)
Tatars 5,554,601 (3.83%)
Bashkirs 1,673,389 (1.15%)
Kazakhs 653,962 (0.45%)
Azerbaijani 621,840 (0.43%)
Karachays 192,182 (0.13%)
Uzbeks 122,916 (0.08%)
Balkars 108426 (0.07%)
Turks 95,672 (0.06%)
Nogais 90,666 (0.06%)
Circassians 60,517 (0.04%)
Turkmens 33,053 (0.02%)
Kirghiz 31,808 (0.02%)
Crimean Tatars 4,131 (0.00%)
Chechens 1,360,253 (0.94%)
Avars 814,473 (0.56%)
Kabardians 519,958 (0.36%)
Ingush 413,016 (0.28%)
Lezgins 411,535 (0.28%)
Laks 156,545 (0.11%)
Adyghe 128,528 (0.09%)
Abazas 37,942 (0.03%)
Rutuls 29,929 (0.02%)
Aguls 28,297 (0.02%)"