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Right-wing Sweden Democrats call for referendum on Swedish EU membership after 2018 election


Right-wing Sweden Democrats call for referendum on Swedish EU membership after 2018 election

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats (SD) have called for Sweden to hold a referendum on the country’s EU membership after the 2018 Swedish general election.
SD party leader Jimmie Åkesson told newspaper Dagens Industri that the EU is a “large web of corruption where no one has control over anything”.
The Swedish nationalists want Sweden to follow the UK’s example and leave the EU, and promise they will push for a referendum on the matter in the next mandate period
“We pay an enormous amount of money and get overwhelmingly little back. But the main reason is ideological: we should not be in an ideological union,” Åkesson claimed.

Donald J. Trump: Our economy is perhaps BETTER than it has ever been. Companies doing really well, and moving back to America, and jobs numbers are the best in 44 years.

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45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Washington, DC

Paula Bieler (SD): EU-vänner lyfter ofta Brexit som avskräckande exempel var gång S/w/exit hamnar på tapeten. Jag brukar också lyfta Brexit för att avskräcka. Från medlemskap. Hur kan man vilja vara med i en organisation som hellre försämrar allt för alla än säkerställer frivilligt medlemskap?


Envis tvångsoptimist med mål att lämna över ett bättre Sverige än jag fick. Riksdags- och VU-ledamot, (SD). Talesperson i frågorna migration och jämställdhet.
Uppsala, Sverige

French Imam Mohamed Khattabi Calls to Support Tariq Ramadan: He Was Coerced into Confession, They Are Trying to Erase This Symbol

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Ur Aktuellt 1989-12-16 - MUF och Ulf Kristersson anklagar Carl Bildt: "Sverige ska ha så öppna gränser som överhuvudtaget är möjligt"

Inslag och intervju om Moderaternas ungdomsförbund som anklagade moderatledaren Carl Bildt för att bedriva ogenerös flyktingpolitik. Från den 16 december 1989.

Gustaf Göthberg (M): Judiska församlingen i Göteborg sökte Ann-Sofie Hermansson i över ett år (!) utan svar för att de var oroliga för sin säkerhet. Så behandlar S frågan om extremism i Göteborg när kamerorna är avstängda.

Gustaf Göthberg


Jobbar för (M) i rådhuset och maktskifte i Göteborg. Tidigare Stockholms landsting och Sundbyberg. Utrikespolitisk debattör. Candidate for Swedish parliament.

On Bat Yeor`s "Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis"

This post is made to inform the unaware reader of what is meant by the term "Eurabia", in addition to what was written for instance in the piece Arafat`s Legacy for Europe posted at Frontpage Magazine.

I suggest you read these pieces (to begin with) to have it explained to you by historian Bat Ye’or, whose important book Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis I also suggest you read in this context for a more in-depth view.

Here follows some quotes regarding the Bat Yeor`s work on Eurabia:

“The extraordinary researches of Bat Ye’or on the Euro-Arab Dialogue, and the growing "dhimmitude" (status of submission) ”

La Forza della Ragione - Oriana Fallaci

“Bat Ye’or has traced a nearly secret history of Europe over the past thirty years, convincingly showing how the Euro-Arab Dialogue has blossomed from a minor discussion group into the engine for the continent’s Islamization. In delineating this phenomenon, she also provides the intellectual resources with which to resist it. Will her message be listened to?”

- Daniel Pipes

No writer has done more than Bat Ye’or to draw attention to the menacing character of Islamic extremism. Future historians will one day regard her coinage of the term ‘Eurabia’ as prophetic. Those who wish to live in a free society must be eternally vigilant. Bat Ye’or vigilance is unrivalled.”

- Niall Ferguson

Such a Euroarabian identity is dangerous for the Jewish people. Here I agree with Bat Ye’or’s argument that Europe has been engaged in a self-capitulation to Islamist demands in the name of a misconceived multiculturalism.”

- Robert Wistrich

“Bat Ye’or is one of the only analysts in the world with the courage and insight necessary to state clearly what is happening in Europe today. Her account of the betrayal by the European powers of their own identity and history will stand for future historians as a cautionary tale of cultural suicide.”

- Robert Spencer

“ This is a provocative and disturbing book. With all the drama of a master writer, Bat Ye’or presents a wide range of historical and contemporary documents and facts to tell the story of how the European Union is being subverted by Islamic hostility to the very ethics and values of Europe itself. Readers who seek a fair resolution of the Arab-Israel conflict will be shocked by the evidence produced in these pages of unfair pressures and deliberate distortions. Europe’s independence of spirit is shown in the process of being undermined. This book challenges the current demonization of Israel and should be essential reading (and re-reading) for everyone interested in true peace in the Middle East. It is also a warning to Europe not to allow the anti-American and anti-Israel pressures of Islam to subvert Europe’s true values: vibrant democracy, humanitarian free thinking, and social fair dealing.”

- Sir Martin Gilbert

Arafat`s Legacy for Europe

Arafat’s Legacy for Europe
By Bat Ye’or
FrontPageMagazine.com | November 16, 2004

Bat Ye'or is author of Islam and Dhimmitude. Where Civilizations Collide. (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2002). For a full analysis of the above thesis, see her forthcoming book, Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, January 2005, 384pp.)

Eurabia The road to Munich...

October 9, 2002, 9:15 a.m.
The road to Munich...
By Bat Yeor

— Bat Yeor, born in Egypt. A British citizen living in Switzerland since 1960, she is the author of The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians under Islam, The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam: From Jihad to Dhimmitude, and Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide.

European Fears of the Gathering Jihad

European Fears of the Gathering Jihad
By Bat Ye’or
FrontPageMagazine.com | February 21, 2003

Eurabia and Euro-Arab Antisemitism

Eurabia and Euro-Arab Antisemitism
By Bat Ye’or
FrontPageMagazine.com | April 5, 2004

Translated from the French by Nidra Poller, and presented, in part, at The World Conference on Global Antisemitism, Montreal, Canada March 15, 2004.

Bat Ye'or (www.dhimmitude.org ) is the author most recently of Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide, and the forthcoming Eurabia.

Beyond Munich – The Spirit of Eurabia

Beyond Munich – The Spirit of Eurabia
By Bat Ye’or
FrontPageMagazine.com | July 2, 2004

The following presentation by Bat Ye'or was delivered at a seminar in the French Senate in Paris three weeks ago - The Editors.

* Bat Ye’or has written articles and scholarly studies since 1971 on the situation of Jews and Christians under Islam. Her books in French have been translated into English (www.dhimmi.org / www.dhimmitude.org). This presentation – translated from the French – was given at a seminar organized by the B’nai B’rith (Europe) in the French Senate (Palais du Luxembourg, Paris), on the theme: “La démocratie à l’épreuve de la menace islamiste” (“Democracy faced with the Islamist menace”), in two sessions: “Les Islamistes et leur alliés” (“The Islamists and their allies”); “Vers un retour à l’esprit de Munich” (“Toward a return to the spirit of Munich”). Her next book covers this subject in depth: Eurabia. The Euro-Arab Axis (Cranbury, NJ., Associated University Presses, 2005). This recent presentation, “Beyond Munich – The Spirit of Eurabia,” along with many other pieces by Bat Ye’or and others, will appear in the essay collection, The Myth of Islamic Tolerance (forthcoming from Prometheus Books), edited by Robert Spencer.

How Europe Became Eurabia

How Europe Became Eurabia
By Bat Ye’or
FrontPageMagazine.com | July 27, 2004


By Jamie Glazov
FrontPageMagazine.com | September 21, 2004

Frontpage Interview's guest today is Bat Ye'or, the world's foremost authority on dhimmitude.

Her latest study is Islam and Dhimmitude. Where Civilizations Collide. Her forthcoming book, Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, will be published in January 2005.

FP: Bat Ye'or, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Bat Ye'or: Thanks for inviting me to your prestigious magazine.

FP: First things first, can you explain the term "Eurabia" to our readers?

Bat Ye'or: Eurabia represents a geo-political reality envisaged in 1973 through a system of informal alliances between, on the one hand, the nine countries of the European Community (EC)which, enlarged, became the European Union (EU) in 1992 and on the other hand, the Mediterranean Arab countries. The alliances and agreements were elaborated at the top political level of each EC country with the representative of the European Commission, and their Arab homologues with the Arab League's delegate. This system was synchronised under the roof of an association called the Euro-Arab Dialogue (EAD) created in July 1974 in Paris. A working body composed of committees and always presided jointly by a European and an Arab delegate planned the agendas, and organized and monitored the application of the decisions.

The field of Euro-Arab collaboration covered every domain: from economy and policy to immigration. In foreign policy, it backed anti-Americanism, anti-Zionism and Israel's delegitimization; the promotion of the PLO and Arafat; a Euro-Arab associative diplomacy in international forums; and NGO collaboration. In domestic policy, the EAD established a close cooperation between the Arab and European media television, radio, journalists, publishing houses, academia, cultural centers, school textbooks, student and youth associations, tourism. Church interfaith dialogues were determinant in the development of this policy. Eurabia is therefore this strong Euro-Arab network of associations -- a comprehensive symbiosis with cooperation and partnership on policy, economy, demography and culture.

Eurabia is the future of Europe. Its driving force, the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation, was created in Paris in 1974. It now has over six hundred members -- from all major European political parties -- active in their own national parliaments, as well as in the European parliament. The creation of this body and its policy follow the 23 resolutions of the "Second International Conference in Support of the Arab Peoples", held in Cairo in January 1969. Its resolution 15 formulates the Euro-Arab policy and its all-embracing development over thirty years in European domestic and foreign policy.

It stated: "The conference decided to form special parliamentary groups, where they did not exist, and to use the parliamentary platform for promoting support of the Arab people and the Palestinian resistance." In the 1970s, pursuant to the wishes of the Cairo Conference, national groups proclaiming "Solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance and the Arab peoples" appeared throughout Europe. These groups belonged to different political families, Gaullists, extreme left or right, communists, neo-Nazis -- but they all shared the same anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism. France has been the key protagonist of this policy, ever since de Gaulle's press conference on 27 November 1967 when he presented France's cooperation with the Arab world as "the fundamental basis of our foreign policy".

FP: Is Europe's dependence on Arab oil a predominant factor in its pro-Arab policy?

Bat Ye'or: No, I don't think so. Arab leaders have to sell their oil; their people are very dependent on European economic, health and technological aid. America made this point during the oil embargo in 1973. The oil factor is a pretext to cover up a policy that emerged in France before that crisis. The policy was already conceived in the 1960s. It has strong antecedents in the French 19th century dream of governing an Arab empire and the exploitation of antisemitism to strengthen Arab Muslim-French solidarity against a demonized common enemy. Eurabia is not only a web of various agreements covering every field. It is essentially a political project for a total demographic and cultural symbiosis between Europe and the Arab world, where Israel will eventually dissolve. America would be isolated and challenged by an emerging Euro-Arab continent that is linked to the whole Muslim world and invested with tremendous political and economic power in international affairs. The policies of "multilateralism" and "soft diplomacy" express this deepening symbiosis. The Euro-Arab agreements are merely the tools for the creation of this new "continent." Eurabia is also based on the vision of Christian-Muslim reconciliation and has been strongly advocated by religious Christian bodies.

FP: For a moment, France looked like it was totally lost. But it seems to have adopted a new foreign policy, more oriented toward Europe. What is your view of this?

Bat Ye'or: France and the rest of Western Europe cannot change their policy anymore. Their future is Eurabia. Period. I don't see how they can reverse the movement they set in motion thirty years ago. Nor do Eurabians want to modify this policy. It is a project that was conceived, planned and pursued consistently through immigration policy, propaganda, church support, economic associations and aid, cultural, media and academic collaboration. Generations grew up within this political framework; they were educated and conditioned to support it and go along with it. This is the source of the strong anti-American feeling in Europe and of the paranoiac obsession with Israel, two elements that form the cornerstone of Eurabia. The new French orientation toward Europe indicates that France will work within Europe, and particularly with the new Eastern member states of the European Union, to convince them to forgo their Atlanticist vision and reorient their alliances toward the Arab Muslim world. This was French policy in the 1960s when Paris became the advocate of the Arab cause in the European Community. Until 1971, France had been isolated in the EC in its anti-Israel stance. European Community critics accused it of bias toward the Arab world. Faced with the oil crisis, the nine EC countries -- under French and German leadership -- unified their views regarding the Middle East conflict and this generated the Euro-Arab Dialogue's overall development.

FP: Tell us about the Prodi project where Tariq Ramadan and others have collaborated.

Bat Ye'or: Prodi's project is the fulfillment of Eurabia. It is called the "Dialogue between Peoples and Cultures in the Euro-Mediterranean Area."

It was requested by Romano Prodi, the President of the European Commission, and accepted at the Sixth Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Foreign Affairs Ministers in Naples on 2-3 December 2003. It represents a strategy for closer Euro-Arab symbiosis to be implemented by a Foundation that will control, direct and monitor it. Last May the European ministers of foreign affairs accepted the creation of the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue of Cultures with its seat in Alexandria, Egypt. Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, murdered by an insane man, was a key advocate of the Palestinian cause and the boycott of Israel. Lindh was known for her criticism of Israeli and American policies of self-defense against terror. EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana was a close friend, calling her a "true European."

The Foundation will endeavor through numerous means to reinforce links of mutuality, solidarity and "togetherness" between the Northern and Southern shores of the Mediterranean, that is, Europe and the Arab countries. The authors of the project carefully avoid such characterizations since -- in the spirit of Edward Said -- they are judged anathema and racist. This is explained in the report's text, but I use them for clarification. It is the Eurabian context, representing a totally anti-American and anti-Zionist culture and policy, that explains the strong reaction against the war in Iraq -- itself integrated into the war against Islamic terrorism. A terrorism that Eurabia has denied, blaming Israel's "injustice and occupation" and America's "arrogance" instead. Eurabia has transformed Islamic terrorism into a cliche: "America is the problem" in order to consolidate the web of alliances that support its whole geostrategy.

FP: What is the significance of Solana's declaration?

Bat Ye'or: Solana is strongly implicated in the EU Arabophile and pro-Palestinian policy conducted intensively under Prodi as a European self-protective reaction to the American war against terror. If one examines the EC/EU declarations since 1977 on the Arab-Israeli conflict, one notices that they espouse Arab League decisions and positions: the 1949 armistice lines imposed on Israel, although never recognized as international boundaries; the creation on those boundaries of a Palestinian state not mentioned by UN resolution 242; the acknowledgement of the PLO as the sole representative of the Palestinian people, and of Arafat as its leader, with the obligation for Israel to negotiate exclusively with him; and initially the refusal of separate peace treaties. The EU adopted all these Arab League requests as well as repeated threats of economic and cultural boycott against Israel, constantly demanded by the Europeans' close Arab allies and their powerful lobby, the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation. On 3 March 2004, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, when asked about U.S. proposals to requested democratic reforms in Arab states, declared:

"The peace process always has to be at the center of whatever initiative is in the field. . . ­Any idea about (reform of) nations would have to be in parallel with putting a priority on the resolution of the peace process, otherwise it will be very difficult to have success." (Reuters, "Solana: Mideast peace vital for Arab reforms"; see also Neil MacFarquhar "Arab states start plan of their own Mideast", International Herald Tribune, March 4, 2004.)

Solana just repeated the opinion of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak after his meeting with him. Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa shared this opinion and refused to consider any reforms in Arab countries before the settlement of the Arab-Palestinian conflict, a settlement whose overall conditions imply Israel's destruction. Hence, any democratization and change of Arab societies demanded by the West are linked by the Arabs to its participation in Israel's demise. This link was rejected by Senior U.S. State Department official Marc Grossman when visiting Cairo on 2 March 2004. He said that the democracy plan should not depend on a settlement of the Middle East conflict. But Egypt's foreign minister, Ahmed Maher, answered him:

"Egypt's position is that one of the basic obstacles to the reform process is the continuation of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and the Arab people."

According to Reuters, Amr Moussa, speaking at the opening session of a regular ministerial meeting, declared:

"The Palestinian cause...is the key to stability or instability in the region, and this issue will continue to influence in all its elements the development of the Arab region until a just solution is reached."

Eurabian notables, whether Chirac, de Villepin, Solana, Prodi, or others, have continuously stressed the centrality of the Palestinian cause for world peace, as if more European vilification of Israel would change anything in the global jihad waged in the US, in Asia, and from Africa to Chechnya the latest horrendous tragedy in Ossetia is but one example. In such a view, Israel's very existence, not this genocidal jihadist drive, is a threat to peace. The Euro-Arab linkage of Arab/Islamic reforms to Israel's stand is spurious and only demonstrates, once more, Europe's subservience to Arab policy. Numerous Arab and Islamic Summits have imposed the centrality of their Palestinian policy on the world and requested that all political problems should be subordinated to it. The EU likewise.

FP: You often refer to a Euro-Arab Palestinian cult. What do you mean by it?

Bat Ye'or: It means precisely this Palestinian centrality that's promoted in Europe as a key to world peace. However, the Euro-Arab Palestinian cult goes much deeper than a political tool used for a Euro-Arab Partnership policy against America and Israel. It is linked to theological currents of Judeophobia and a replacement theology based on the Palestinization of the Bible and the rejection of its Jewish roots in order to delegitimize Israel's history and rights on its land. The Euro-Arab Palestinian cult symbolized the redemption of Christianity and Islam and their reconciliation on the ashes of Israel, the work of Satan -- a belief propagated by the media's continuous demonization of Israel, and Palestinian victimization. This cult brings together neo-Nazis, Judeophobes, anti-Americans, communists and jihadists. It is a revival of Nazi anti-Jewish and anti-Christian trends, particularly in its hatred of Christian Bible believers and America, the country that was determinant in the defeat of Nazism and Communism. In the 1930-40s, the Nazis had strong links with Palestinians, and those sympathies and alliances continued throughout the years after World War II, thriving in the Euro-Arab Palestinian cult that submerged Western Europe under the umbrella of the gigantic Euro-Arab Dialogue apparatus.

FP: But what does the public in Europe think about their Eurabian future? Are they aware of it? Do they go along with it?

Bat Ye'or: The public ignores this strategy, its details and functioning, but there is a strong awareness, anxiety and discontent over the current situation and particularly the antisemitic trends. This Eurabian policy, expressed in obscure wording, is conducted at the top political level and coordinated over the whole EU, spreading an anti-American and antisemitic Euro-Arab sub-culture in every social, media and cultural sector. Oriana Fallaci has given voice to this general opposition. But there are also many others. They are boycotted, sometimes fired from their jobs, victims of a type of totalitarian "correctness" imposed mainly by the academic, media and political sectors.

FP: What have you to say about the French journalists taken hostage and France's reactions?

Bat Ye'or: Chirac hoped that they would be liberated as a favor to French Arabophile and pro-Palestinian militancy, a dhimmi service for Arab policy that deserves a favor not granted to others. This tragedy has revealed France's good relations with terrorist organizations such as Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and others. It has also uncovered France's dependency on its considerable Muslim population for its home and foreign policies, as it appeared earlier that their advocacy would determine the liberation of the hostages. But the incredible conditions subsequently put by the terrorists prove that Islamist terrorists apply the same rules to all infidels. It also demonstrates the inanity of a policy of collusion and denial that has always whitewashed Islamic terrorism to avoid confronting it and has constantly transferred its evils onto its victims.

France's situation illustrates, in fact, what threatens the whole of Europe through its demographic and political integration within the Arab-Muslim world, as promoted now by the Anna Lindh Foundation. France with Belgium, Germany and perhaps Spain is ahead of the rest of Europe. Britain, Italy and to some extent the East European countries are less marked by the subservience syndrome of dhimmitude which consists in submission and compliance to Muslim policy or face jihad and death. Dhimmitude is linked to the jihad ideology and sharia rules pertaining to infidels and represents the complex historical process of Islamization of the Judeo-Christian, Buddhist, Hindu civilizations across three continents.

America has the choice of forgoing its liberty and adopting the European line of dhimmitude and supplication, or maintaining its resolve to fight the war against terrorism for freedom and for universal human rights values.

FP: John Kerry has stated repeatedly that he will 'rebuild alliances' with Europe, which he maintains President Bush has disrupted, particularly with nations such as France and Germany. Can you discuss how your scholarship on 'Eurabia' may affect the validity of this claim by Senator Kerry?

Bat Ye'or: Anti-Americanism was very popular from the late 1960s onward, when European communist and extreme-leftist parties then represented powerful political forces. It was a decisive factor in the Gaullist pursuance of a strong united Europe, and a major and essential pillar of the Euro-Arab policy and alliances in the 1970s. De Gaulle opposed Britain's participation in the European Community in 1961 and 1967 because of its Atlantic leanings. The Euro-Arab Dialogue construct, which determined the whole European policy toward the Arab-Muslim world, was basically anti-American already in the 1970s. Europe is a sinking continent and the rebuilding of alliances will be at the price of America's security and freedom.

The violent European anti-Bush trends are linked to a European internal situation. Bush's declared war on Islamic terrorism unveiled a reality carefully hidden in Europe and has exposed its extreme fragility -- a situation that was compensated by an explosion of anti-Americanism and antisemitism organized by Eurabian networks. Senator Kerry's declaration is inaccurate given the Euro-American context of cultural, political and economic rivalries preceding Bush's election, and especially the emergence of a new and complex situation that the European and American public have not yet fully understood. This is the threat of a global jihad, with its ideology, strategy and tactics, coordinated with its cells worldwide. The difference between Europe and America is that Europe denies it because it cannot nor does it wish to fight for certain values already forfeited. We see here the collision of two radically opposed strategies.

FP: Is there any optimism that we can have for Europe? How about to win this war against Islamism?

Bat Ye'or: Maybe the recent developments revealing France's failed policy and the horrendous ordeals of children and parents in Ossetia will induce Europeans to bring their politicians and media to accountability. The war against a global jihadist terrorism can be won only if the civilized world is united against barbarity. Until now European democracies supported Arafat, the initiator of jihadist terrorism, hostage-taking and Islamikazes. The war will be won if we name it, if we face it, if we recognize that it obeys specific rules of Islamic war that are not ours; and if democracies and Muslim modernists stop justifying these acts against other countries. The policy of collusion and support for terrorists in order to gain self-protection is a delusion.

FP: Bat Ye'or, thank you, our time is up. We'll see you soon.

Bat Ye'or: Thank you Jamie.

Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch: "Germany: Muslim migrant sexually assaults 90-year-old woman in her bed at nursing home"


ROBERT SPENCER is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is the author of eighteen books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) (Regnery Publishing) and The Truth About Muhammad (Regnery Publishing). Coming in summer 2018 is The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS (Bombardier Books).
Spencer has led seminars on Islam and jihad for the FBI, the United States Central Command, United States Army Command and General Staff College, the U.S. Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group, the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), the Justice Department’s Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council and the U.S. intelligence community. He has discussed jihad, Islam, and terrorism at a workshop sponsored by the U.S. State Department and the German Foreign Ministry. He is a consultant with the Center for Security Policy.


Germany: Muslim migrant sexually assaults 90-year-old woman in her bed at nursing home

Danke, Merkel! Sexual assault occurs in all cultures, but only in Islam does it have divine sanction.
One survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK said that her rapists would quote Quran to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam.
The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified.
Gambia is over 95% Muslim.
“90-year-old German woman sexually assaulted by asylum seeker in her bed,” Voice of Europe, June 18, 2018:
A 21-year-old Gambian asylum seeker has been arrested on suspicion of robbing and sexually assaulting an elderly German woman, website Presseportal reports.
The asylum seeker is accused of having entered the room of a 90-year-old woman on the morning of the 26th of May 2018 in a nursing home in Wendlingen. There he is said to have sexually assaulted the sleeping elderly woman.
When she woke up and fended off the man, he tried to pull the wedding ring from her finger. When this failed, he let go of her and took a flat screen TV….

Pierre Rehov: From the river to the sea - A call for genocide (about 55 minutes)

By Pierre Rehov. www.middleeaststudio.com
According to most Palestinians, “Israeli Occupation” means Tel Aviv, Ber Sheva and Haifa, and for their leaders, Palestine should be built “From the River to the Sea”. Meaning, should replace Israel, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.
In this disturbing film, “From the River to the Sea”, a revised version of “Hostages of Hatred” acclaimed director Pierre Rehov sets out to tell us the real story of those men, women and children, who have been shamefully used as mere pawns for over 50 years, by Arab leaders at first, by Palestinian leaders later on and until this very day but also by the United Nations’ body that was specially created to supposedly take care of them: the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNWRA.

Head of "Radio Islam" in Sweden Ahmad Rami: Judaism Is Like a Mafia in the West; The Zionists Are Occupying Europe Politically, Control the World Media

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Jan Milld, Förintelsen och judarna

Förintelsen är ett historisk faktum enligt den här bloggen, IceViking.

Förintelseförnekelse är både avskyvärt och farligt (enligt den här bloggens uppfattning bör det dock inte vara brottsligt då det utgör en alltför stor inskränkning av yttrandefriheten).

Jan Milld, tidigare högt uppsatt inom Sverigedemokraterna och sedan många år aktiv med opinionsbildning på nätet har uttalat sig en hel del rörande Förintelsen, judar och närliggande ämnen.

Jan Milld medverkar tydligen även med ett kapitel i den nyutgivna boken "Priset - en antologi om att komma ut ur garderoben" av Karl-Olov Arnstberg och Gunnar Sandelin.

Samhällsnytt, som rekommenderade boken, skriver bl.a. följande om boken:

Medverkar med varsitt kapitel i boken gör:
K-O Arnstberg
Ingrid Björkman
Marika Formgren
Ingrid Carlqvist
Jan Milld
Jonathan Friedman
Julia Caesar
Kajsa Ekholm Friedman
Mats Dagerlind
Anna Hagwall
Jan Sjunnesson
Gunnar Sandelin
IceViking vill med detta givetvis inte anklaga någon för något den personen inte står för själv. Utan bara återge denna observation som får stå utan kommentar.
För ett antal år sedan blev den här bloggaren efter kritik av Jan Milld rörande ovanstånde ämnen anklagad för både det ena och det andra.

Nya länkar till material postat av Jan Milld själv anges därför nedan:


6 miljoner?


Tyska lärdomar



Avsnitt 7: Förintelsen och antisemitism

Har judar makt?

Nedan följder även Jan Millds och Anders Sundholms recension i "Blågula frågor" av Lars Adelskoghs bok "En tom säck kan inte stå":


Vad får diskuteras?
En bok har inkommit till BGF-redaktionen för recension. Det är Lars Adelskoghs bok "En tom säck kan inte stå", utgiven på Nordiska förlaget 2002. (Pris 199 kr, pg 365682-4). Ämnet är "Förintelsen" och Adelskogh presenterar "revisionistiska" ståndpunker. Ska en sådan bok recenseras, ska sådant ägnas uppmärksamhet? Är inte fakta i detta ämne redan fastslagna och med råge bevisade?
BGF:s egen erfarenhet är hur även måttfull kritik av svensk invandringspolitik kan göra att en bok inte blir recenserad i massmedia. Spontant bjuder det oss emot ett medverka till ett förtigande av andra böcker, som tar upp viktiga ämnen.
Vi väljer därför att recensera boken "En tom säck kan inte stå". Även om man har svårt att ta till sig allt som Adelskogh där skriver finns skäl att diskutera boken. Enormt utrymme har ju, genom inte minst regeringskampanjer de senaste åren, ägnats  "Förintelsen". Kretsarna bakom detta kampanjande måste rimligen anse att Adelskogh är helt fel ute. Har han raktigenom fel bör det inte vara svårt för dem att påvisa detta.
Med andra ord: fakta och argument ska mötas med fakta och argument. I just denna fråga hotar en EU-lagstiftning, med förbud av varje ifrågasättande. Det är oroande. Vad blir då nästa ämne för diskussions- och tankeförbud?
Över till boken. I begreppet "Förintelsen" läggs tre moment:
a) Tyskarnas planmässiga mördande av judar 1941 till 1944.
b) Användandet av gaskammare för ändamålet.
c) Sex miljoner dödade som resultat.
Ifrågasättande av ens delar av något av dessa tre moment har renderat fördömanden, etikettering som "revisionist" samt repressalier i form av yrkesförbud och liknande. Lars Adelskogh gör inte desto mindre en genomgång av invändningar som rests från "revisionistiskt" håll.  Hans utgångspunkt är denna:
"Det har blivit ett talessätt att 'förintelsen'... är alla tiders värsta brott mot mänskligheten. Om så vore fallet, borde det då inte vara desto viktigare att göra alla tiders bästa mordutredning skaffa fram alla slags bevis för detta brott, att värdera dem och med så strängt vetenskapliga metoder som möjligt komma fram till absolut visshet om fakta i målet?"
Adelskogh hävdar att så inte skett. Han talar om tre former av bevis - a) sakbevis (tekniska bevis) b) dokumentbevis  c) vittnesbevis - och menar att brister finns beträffande samtliga. 
En Sanning har ändå slagits fast, en sanning som inte får ifrågasättas.  Inte desto mindre har denna sanning förskjutits. Det som var sant om "Förintelsen" för 50 år sedan är det inte längre idag, och för denna förskjutning har företrädare för den officiella sanningen stått. "Exterministerna" som Adelskogh kallar dem.
Innan vi går vidare - för att undvika missförstånd - vad revisionisterna har synpunkter kring gäller bara de tre momenten ovan. Adelskogh:  "Vad revisionisterna däremot inte förnekar är att tyskarna utsatte etniska minoriteter, i synnerhet judar, för förföljelser, berövade dem deras egendom, fördrev dem, satte dem i koncentrationsläger och tvångsarbete."  Uppenbarligen förnekar revisionisterna inte heller att miljoner judar faktiskt mördades, genom avrättningar eller systematiska umbäranden.
Den som verkligen vill ta del av Lars Adelskogs uppgifter ska naturligtvis läsa boken, här bara några exempel:
A. 6 miljoner dödade judar totalt, det är en officiell siffra. Hur stämmer den med förändringen av antalet dödade i Auschwitz? Först fanns där minnestavlor med uppgift om 4 miljoner dödade. 1990 ersattes dessa med uppgifter om 1,5 miljonder dödade i Auschwitz, alltså 2,5 miljoner färre. Om de 4 miljonerna ingick i totalsiffran 6 miljoner bör den senare rimligen också revideras, till ca 3,5 miljoner.
B. Från början var det en sanning att gaskamrar förekommit i koncentrationsläger inte bara i Polen utan även på rikstyskt område. Nu hävdas inte längre detta, nu gäller detta bara ett antal läger i det tyskockuperade Polen.
C. Uppgifter om hur många offer som trängts in i gaskamrar åt gången skulle ha betytt 10-19 personer per kvadratmeter. Adelskog frågar: varför då använda gas, varför inte bara låta offren dö av kvävning? Gasanvändningen skulle, skriver han, ha betytt avsevärda risker för dem som hanterade processen.
Spontant kan man ju tycka att det är sekundärt om det dödades 6 eller 2 miljoner judar, sekundärt om det skedde på det ena eller det andra sättet. Det är under alla omständigheter illa nog.
Men här finns dock en annan - och viktig! - aspekt. Frågor om historia och politik ska kunna diskuteras öppet, faktauppgifter ska kunna utsättas för vetenskaplig granskning. Upprättas tankeförbud på ett område kan detta börja sprida sig, och då är ett samhälle farligt ute.
Klart är att vissa maktgrupper har intresse av att vi alla ska känna en skuld gentemot judar i allmänhet. Det ger möjligheter till ekonomisk utpressning  och det underlättar de pågående övergreppen mot palestinierna. Det kan också kopplas till svensk invandringskritik och användas till mentalt förtryck.
Jan Milld Anders Sundholm

From the standard Islamic legal reference "Reliance of the Traveller": o1.0 WHO IS SUBJECT TO RETALIATION FOR INJURIOUS CRIMES

To read about what Islamic law, Sharia, is and what it means to the non-Muslim, I suggest your read Sharia Law for non-Muslims by Bill Warner PhD: 


About Dr. Bill Warner, Author

Dr. Bill Warner
Dr. Bill Warner is a prominent and highly respected expert on Political Islam. He holds a PhD in Physics & Applied Mathematics from North Carolina State University. He has held positions as a research scientist, business owner and University Professor.
Dr. Warner has had a life-long interest in religion and its effects on history. He has studied the source texts of the major religions for decades. Even before the destruction of the World Trade Center he had predicted the war between Islam and America. The day after 9/11 he decided to make the source texts of Islam available for the average person.
Dr. Warner’s training in scientific theory and mathematics shaped how he analyzed Islamic doctrine. Realizing that the Islamic texts had been made deliberately difficult to read and comprehend, he set out to organize the doctrine in a manner that would be easily understood by the average person. As he analyzed the foundational Islamic texts, it became clear that Islam is not constructed on the same civilizational principles as the rest of the world.
Simple statistical methods revealed that dualism and submission were the foundational principles of Islamic doctrine.
Dr. Warner founded the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) to further the study of political Islam and its ramifications for Western Civilization.
He has written fifteen books that teach about Political Islam and make the Islamic doctrine understandable. He also developed the first self-study course on Political Islam.

Reliance of the Traveller (Umdat a-Salik), a manual of Islamic Sacred Law, whose translation into English has been approved by Egypt`s Al-Azhar, the chief centre of Islamic learning in the world, can be bought on amazon for instance:

Dr Bill Warner


Vlogger, scientist, educator, author of best selling books on political Islam. Founder, CSPI  I follow the common man.

The excerpt below shows among other things that in Sharia, Islamic law, it is lawful for a Muslim to kill a non-Muslim:


(O: Injurious crimes includes not only those committed with injurious weapons, but those inflicted otherwise as well, such as with sorcery (def: x136). Killing without right is, after unbelief, one of the very worst enormities, as Shafi`i explicitly states in (n: Muzani's) The Epitome. The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:
 ``The blood of a Muslim man who testifies that there is no god but Allah and that I am the Messenger of Allah is not lawful to shed unless he be one of three: a married adulterer, someone killed in retaliation for killing another, or some-one who abandons his religion and the Muslim community,'' and in another hadith,
``The killing of a believer is more heinous in Allah's sight that doing away with all of this world.'' Allah Most High says:
``... and not to slay the soul that Allah has forbidden, except with right'' (Koran 6:151), and, ``O you who believe, retaliation is prescribed for you regarding the slain...'' (Koran 2:178).)

o1.1 Retaliation is obligatory (A: if the person entitled wishes to take it (dis: o3.8)) against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right. (O: Intentionally is a first restriction and excludes killing someone through an honest mistake, while purely excludes a mistake made in a deliberate injury (def: o2.3), and without right excludes cases of justifiable homicide such as lawful retaliation.)

o1.2 The following are not subject to retaliation:
(1) a child or insane person, under any circumstances (O: whether Muslim or non-Muslim.
The ruling for a person intermitently insane is that he is considered as a sane person when in his right
mind, and as if someone continously insane when in an interval of insanity. If someone against whom retaliation is obligatory subsequently becomes insane, the full penalty is nevertheless exacted. A homicide committed by someone who is drunk is (A: considered the same as that of a sane person,) like his pronouncing divorce (dis: n1.2));
(2) a Muslim for killing a non-Muslim;
 (3) a Jewish or Christian subject of the Islamic state for killing an apostate from Islam (O: because a subject of the state is under its protection, while killing an apostate from Islam is without consequences);
(4) a father or mother (or their fathers of mothers) fir killing their offspring, or offspring's offspring; (5) nor is retaliation permissible to a descendant for (A: his ancestor's) killing someone whose death would otherwise entitle the descendant to retaliate, such as when his father kills his mother.