Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pat Condell: A Word To The Criminal Migrant

We’ve had enough. The tide is turning.

Multikultistan: A house of horrors for ordinary Germans

Germany descends into lawlessness. “We are losing control of the streets”

German police union chief: “Migrants laugh at our justice system”. 

Mass sexual assault in Sweden covered up by the media. 

Denmark allows migrants to break the law and keep child brides

Germany imports child marriage

Migrants masturbated in jacuzzi, defecated in pool

Migrants raped woman in wheelchair. Swedes have had enough.

Feminists and leftists respond to gang rape of woman in wheelchair with demonstration against racism

Nearly half of Sweden’s women afraid to go out after dark

Austria: Migrant who raped boy in swimming pool has conviction overturned, as judges think he may have thought the boy consented

Female “No Borders” activist gang raped by Africans. Accused by fellow activists of reporting it out of spite.

Female mayor of Cologne offers “code of conduct” to women assaulted and raped by Muslim migrants

Austria can’t deport 90% of failed asylum seekers, most of whom are unemployable

Only 13.7% of migrants are fleeing war

99% of migrants in Germany have no job

Asylum seekers sue Germany for not paying them benefits fast enough

Two thirds of migrant “children” entering the UK are adults

Pure hatred. Translator reveals that Muslim “refugees” want to Islamise Germany

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