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What Does Islam Teach About... Veils and Covering

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Does Islam require women to cover themselves? 

Yes. There is some disagreement as to whether the face should be veiled, but almost all scholars agree that a woman's hair should be covered. The covering of cloth is supposed to keep the sexual appetites of passing men at bay when women travel outside the home. This might even save a woman's life, since she is usually assumed to bear the responsibility of unlawful sexual encounters and thus subject to stoning.

Dr. Daniel Pipes: Radical Islam in Decline?

Dozens of recent terrorists attacks, a war in Syria and Iraq -- is there hope? Watch Daniel Pipes's original take...

Check out recent Gatestone articles on the state of Islamism today:

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Bill Warner, PhD: Hijra, Islamic Migration (about 30 minutes)

To read a bit about Dr. Bill Warner, foremost authority on Islam and a profound original thinker in my humble opinion, kindly click on this link:

To read a bit about his work and get a general idea of what it is about, kindly click on this link:

To read an interview with Dr. Warner about his work by Dr. Jamie Glazov in the leading American publication Frontpage Magazine, kindly click on the link below:

To read a bit about and possibly consider acquiring and reading the books of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, or just visit their website for the first time, kindly click on this link:

To read an easy-to-understand but serious, authoritative and very informative book by Dr. Warner, Sharia Law for the non-Muslim (as a free pdf-file through the kind courtesy of the Q Society of Australia), kindly click on the link below:

Here follows Dr. Warner`s posting Hijra, Islamic Migration, as it appears at the Political Islam site, with the original URL:

Hijra, Islamic Migration

Aug 30 2016 | by 
As it does with everything in life, Islam has its own views about migration. For us migration is for an individual’s gain—a better job, for instance. But for Islam, migration was the beginning of Mohammed’s success. He preached the religion for 13 years and converted 150 Arabs to Islam. After he migrated to Medina, he became and politician and jihadist, which led to every Arab in Arabia becoming a Muslim.
After Mohammed’s death, Islam exploded out of Arabia in its second migration. When Islam settles into a society, the society becomes all Islamic (with a couple of exceptions—Spain and the Balkans). Islam does not assimilate, but dominates. This is because of its Sharia law.
The purpose of migration is to start jihad and the purpose of jihad is install the Sharia. Under the Sharia, the other religions are subjected to taxes, domination and humiliation. After enough time, everyone will become a Muslim.
Today in the West, we see the beginning of the annihilation of our civilization due to the deference we pay to Islamic migration and Sharia and we refuse to see the true nature and goals of Islam—complete domination of all aspects of our society.

Żydzi Europy - dr Piotr S. Ślusarczyk

Fala emigracji europejskich Żydów trwa. W Europie, na wiecach zasilanych przez muzułmanów, można usłyszeć hasła: "Hamas, Hamas! Żydzi do gazu!", a mimo to wielu muzułmanów chce by postrzegać ich jako ofiary i ''Żydów współczesnej Europy".

Abbas reconnaît envoyer des terroristes tuer des Israéliens

« Je demande [la libération] des prisonniers [sécuritaires]
parce que ce sont des êtres humains,
qui ont fait ce que nous, nous,
leur avons ordonné de faire.
Nous, l’Autorité [palestinienne].
Ils ne devraient pas être punis
alors que nous sommes assis
à la table des négociations.
C’est une guerre.
L’un (Israël) a ordonné à un soldat de tuer,
et j’ai ordonné à mon fils, mon frère, ou autre,
d’accomplir le devoir de résistance
(euphémisme pour le terrorisme). Untel a tué, et untel a tué.
Alors, pourquoi dire que les mains
de cette personne sont entachées de sang,
et qu’elle doit demeurer en prison ? »

„Juden töten ist Gottesverehrung, die uns näher zu Allah bringt" -- Hamas Musik-Clip
„Segne die Al-Qassam Männer [der Hamas], Wächter Palästinas 
Oh, Stolz von Salah Shahada, oh Weisheit von Immad [Aqel] [Hamas-Führer von Israel getötet]
[Oh] die Explosionen on [Yahya] Ayyash, (Bombenbauer der Hamas, von Israel getötet), Märtyrertod
[oh] Liebhaber des Waffenabzugs:
Die Besatzer töten ist Gottesverehrung das Allah zum Gesetz erhoben hat. Erhebt euch, oh entschlossene Männer. Die Farbe des Blutes [des Märtyrers] beschützt das Land. Oh Maskierte, die ein Keffiya tragen (arab. Kopftuch), und Juden in Angst versetzen... ruft in das Gesicht des Zionismus: „Mohameds Armee ist auf dem Rückweg."
Arabischer Text auf Plakat: „Juden töten ist Gottesverehrung, die uns näher zu Allah bringt"
[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), 18. November 2012]

Younus al-Astal, Hamas parlamentsmedlem, professor ved Islamic University Erobre den kristne verden - redd dem fra helvetet

Snart, om Allah vil det vil Roma bli erobret,
som Konstantinopel ble erobret,
[Erobringen] vil spre seg over hele Europa
og så vil den rette seg mot de amerikanske kontinenene
til og med til Øst-Europa...
i dette oppdraget i å redde menneskeligheten
fra ilden (helvete) som de står på randen til. 

Judicial Watch reacts to report on Clinton email probe - Fox News

Friday, September 02, 2016

Donald Trump Immigration Speech, Phoenix Arizona

John Hannah, Foundation for Defence of Democracies, on death of Abu Mohammad al-Adnani w/ Fox Business

Islam`s Rape Game in Europe - The Unknown (hosted by ex-Muslim Anni Cyrus)

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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Dr. Magnus Norell, m.fl: Dags att försvara det sekulära samhället

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Dags att försvara det sekulära samhället

Demokrati. ”Sverige har under en lång tid utsatts för en rad påfrestningar och utmaningar i samhället. Det är sammantaget ett resultat av flera regeringars oförmåga eller ovilja att hantera dessa påfrestningar och utmaningar.” Så inleds ett öppet brev till försvar för ett demokratiskt samhälle och en sekulär stat, undertecknat av en rad kända samhällsdebattörer, skribenter och akademiker.
Magnus Norell mfl , forskare

Ebba Busch Thor (KD): SD är inte rasistiskt

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Ebba Busch Thor (KD): SD är inte rasistiskt

KD-ledaren Ebba Busch Thor anser inte, som M-ledaren Anna Kinberg Batra, att SD är ett rasistiskt parti. Busch Thor avvisar inte heller en alliansregering med passivt stöd av Sverigedemokraterna.

Trey Gowdy savagely tears apart IRS commissioner on the targeting of conservatives

Ann Corcoran: Changing America by changing its people!

Obama has been changing America by changing its people. You know that Hillary Clinton will follow in his footsteps, but you are not powerless! This fall the Republicans can turn off the federal spigot for refugee resettlement if they wanted to---you have to make them want to!